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The son of the shoemaker has no shoes

Everybody knows Google's Page Speed testing tool. Well, at least I was thinking so. Today I wanted to see how was doing against PageSpeed, looking particular how fast, optimized my site was using latest Bootstrap library and some fixes.

Got something like: Mobile 64/100, Desktop 93/100. Not bad. See below:

Google PageSpeed 
Then I wanted to see how my site compared against bigger names from Finnish IT industry, like Tieto, IBM, Oracle, SuperCell, Rovio, SSH, F-Secure for example. Results are wow ... maybe these guys haven't heard of Google PageSpeed, or don't know how their main site really works. One might argue that PageSpeed is not useful nor bring any value directly, but in fact it does list and analyze some very important parts that any web site should properly implement and support:
HTTP CompressionServer Response timesImage compressionHTML, CSS, JS optimizations
Client: Firefox 34.0.5 FreeBSD amd64.

Note: This was a simple test, one execution, si…