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Kronometrix Data Recording 1.0 - Linux Edition

Kronometrix for Information Technology industry includes utilities to measure computer system performance. We are working heavily to expand this towards data center facility itself, and monitor the environment around data center: cooling devices, air temperature and pressure, humidity, smoke and other important metrics.

Kronometrix includes two main things:
data recording moduledata analytics module
Kronometrix 1.0 supports two main flavors of linux based systems: CentOS and Debian. We build our packages on CentOS 5 and Debian 7 32 and 64bit versions. Additional we are providing support for ARM, the Raspbian operating system for Raspberry Pi hardware. To make things simpler we have packaged all software as rpm and deb package formats and all initial required steps are included in these packages.

Package Content
Kronometrix 1.0 Linux edition contains, all data records, the transport utility and additional weather data recorders. along with these come the manual pages and documentation, all …