Web Performance, tell me the story

Suppose you would like to know how your web site, behaves to clients from two different geo locations: for example, Finland and Ireland regarding response time. How quickly can you see and understand visually what's going on and how things are.

Do you need to improve something ? Change your network provider ? Tune your application(s) ? Spend more money. Start from a top level view, understanding the big picture and having the possibility to dive and analyze at the detail level. Finally, can you visually tell the story of your web application as in a short chart ?

Enter Kronometrix Web Performance ...


  • Something happened between 1:00 - 1:15 AM
  • We can see more than one request affected by this event
  • Overall we see all requests are executing fast, below 0.5 seconds
  • And we have some exceptions, some are taking more than 0.5 seconds


  • Same things from Ireland
  • It is different, requests usually take longer to execute
  • Some requests are much slower than in Finland

Then we want to know more and check individual requests and observe their evolution in time.

And then we can dive and analyze even further ...

Kronometrix has to be simple, and self explanatory. We believe our implementation, based on the streamgraph can very quickly identify who is slow, and check the evolution in time and then in one click dive into other level of detail. It is like telling the story of your application over time.


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