cpuplayer - multiprocessor player

cpuplayer - multiprocessor player

Problem solving is a very important skill for any System Administrator, Performance Analyst or even for a System Manager. Sometimes, you try to solve a problem by building a visual model of that problem and trying to see it. But can geometry, in general, help in understanding how some workload is executed on a 72CPU server ? It seems it can.

Welcome Problem solving and Computer Graphics, a land where geometry meets performance analysis, troubleshooting, problem solving or even capacity planning. Using the power of geometric figures we can build a model of our original problem, we can simulate the conditions and we can see the results letting the computer to do all the work for us in a graphical representation - easy to be digested by us. cpuplayer is such tool, which combines problem solvinggeometryperformance analysis in one thing.

Using Barycentric coordinates, the player displays the CPU transition states from IDLE to USER or SYSTEM time. This animation shows CPU utilization for a 72-way E15K multiprocessor as it ramps up to steady state and executes a network-based transaction workload on ORACLE DB 10g.

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