Monitor your computer performance, the weather ...

Our new Web Real-Time Analytic software has been re-written from Perl to Lua.  Nothing wrong with Perl, but we found Lua and NGINX amazing in terms of speed, stability and system utilization. So with our new analytic software came a new authentication and authorization layer, written of course in Lua.

Since we been talking a lot to allow different types of data to our analytic, we did implement and design new types of subscriptions, where people can open and send data feeds to our analytic nice and easy.

Like, say you are a meteorological institute and you have around 100 weather stations what you want to analyze with Kronometrix. You can easily configure your stations to send HTTP data to our analytic, open a subscription for your correct type of data analysis and you are all set.

Subscriptions types:
  • Aviation Weather Data - designed for aviation weather analysis, gathers data from weather stations and aggregates data for aviation
  • Weather and Climate data - designed for climate and meteorological data
  • Computer Performance Data - designed for computer performance systems, our classic data analysis usage

Each of these domains, link to a set of monitoring objects defined under our Library of Monitoring Objects, a standard set of objects used to describe metrics and their data types for the data collection and analysis process.

Under our new UI, you can see how easily you open a new subscription and you are ready for auto-provisioning:

Next time we will talk about tokens and subscriptions and how they are used to handle multiple points for data collection and transport.


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