FreeBSD 11 spellchecker packages

Missing spell checking on FreeBSD 10 or 11 ?

Are you using LibreOffice or Sylpheed and can't spell check your emails or documents ? Keep reading ... You need to have additional packages in order spell checking will function correctly for your application.

Simple fix

Make sure you have installed all required packages: textproc/en-hunspelltextproc/en-aspell


From my running FreeBSD 11 system, these are all needed packages to have proper spell checking in place, for LibreOffice, email client or any other editor or using command line utilities, like aspell for your document files.

$ pkg info | grep spell

aspell- Spelling checker with better suggestion logic than ispell
aspell-ispell- Ispell compatibility script for aspell
en-aspell-7.1.0_1 Aspell English dictionaries
en-hunspell-7.1_1 English hunspell dictionaries
enchant-1.6.0_3 Dictionary/spellchecking framework
gtkspell-2.0.16_5 GTK+ 2 spell checking component
gtkspell-reference-2.0.16_1 Programming reference for textproc/gtkspell
hunspell-1.3.2_4 Improved spell-checker for Hungarian and other languages


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